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Gophers Pest Control

Pest Control For Gophers

Anyone with a gopher problem knows how disgusting these pests can be. Not only do they destroy property, but they can carry diseases such as rabies and monkey pox, which are dangerous to humans and livestock. Gophers are rodents that burrow underground and live in tunnels. Gophers Control

There must be a way of controlling these small animals or else they can cause great damage to property and the health of humans. Trapping is a good place to start because it is the safest and most popular way of pest-control for gophers. First of all there are two basic strategies for controlling gophers. They can be trapped and removed or poisoned. Trapping maybe the safer method for environment. Any animals, wild or domestic maybe harmed by poisoning. Any poisons would also have to be supervised by a licensed professional who is familiar with state regulations regarding poisons. Some have found a measure of success with spraying. Gophers Control

Trapping gophers is the first step in pest-control. They must be controlled before you can eliminate them if that is possible. There are a variety of different traps available. Some traps also kill the animals in various ways. Traps can harpoon, skewer, or even chop them up. The it pit trap is probably the safest and most popular. Locating the main burrow so that traps can be placed correctly can be a challenge. Gophers Control

There are probes that are designed to locate gopher burrows which are located just beneath the surface of the ground. An underground borough can be located by finding out where the plugs or covered openings are that the gopher makes. Usually there is a main burrow tunnels that branch off from it. The trap can be placed in the main borough and covered with loose soil. Traps can be checked for captured gophers frequently the first few days and moved to various locations if not successful. Gophers Control

Pest control for gophers can bring relief knowing that the problem is under control. The problems caused by these pests can be annoying and any successful attempt at controlling them can bring peace of mind. Having a good trapping program can be the first step in controlling a gopher problem. Gophers Control

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