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Squirrel Pest Control

Squirrel pest control has become an especially serious concern with property and home damge. Grey squirrels are found in the vast majority of cities and suburbs through North America. As a smaller species with exceptional climbing abilities, squirrels can easily infiltrate your yard and home. These squirrels eat the buds of acorn, maple, and elme trees and also forage nuts and other natural food sources. Often, squirrels are attracted by woods and trees, so if your property features trees you are more likely to have squirrel pest control problems. Once the enter your house, usually through a chimney or fireplace, they chew electrical wires, mattresses and blankets, an other parts of your home. One of the major concerns associated with a squirrel infestation is electrical fire, as these pests can compromise your home's electrical system by chewing through wires. However, squirrels can decimate your garden by eating plant bulbs, seeds and buds as we al ripe vegetables. They may even damage your lawn as they bury food reserves.

Squirrel pest control can be very difficult, but as with most pests it starts with prevention. Cover all openings to your home, replace broken windows, and inspect your home for openinings or structures that provide squirrels access to the building. Once you are sure all entry points have been secured, you may consider an electric fence around your garden or property. Funnel-shaped plastic collars can be installed at the top of posts that support bird feeders to prevent squirrels from acessing seeds or nesting babies. Branches that hover over your roof should be trimmed to prevent squirrels from acessing your chinmney. Finally, eliminate outdoor food sources squirrels may find such as garbage or pet food.

Unfortunately, removing squirrels from your own property can be dangerous. As such, professional pest control is likely your option. Removing squirrels from your property often involves setting trap that are batied with peanuts/peanut butter, nuts sunflower seeds, corn, or other appealing foods. Live-capture traps allow your pest control professional to remove and relocate squirrels without harm.
If you are aware that squirrels are nesting in your home, call a pest control professional immediately. Squirrels can cause extensive damage to your home and the risk of electrical fire is serious enough that squirrel infestations should be dealt with as quickly as possible.
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